Do you love the look of fine woodworking in home interiors and furniture?  The book Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolution is about a woodworker who lived and worked in the 1770s just outside Boston Massachusetts.  Noah Pratt built timberframed homes, interior woodwork, and fine furniture.  We know this because of research surrounding a crown molding plane shown here with his initials N*P on the front.  Moreover, Noah was the master who trained his oldest son Henry Pratt, who also made handplanes – and became one of the earliest American organ makers.  Some of Henry’s organs still exist in museums today to give us an idea of the quality of their work.  The book Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolution describes the Pratt’s work and shows examples of fine woodworking with four-color pictures and diagrams throughout.  Use this link to buy the book.

If we think about it, as primitive as they seem to us, the handplanes Noah used were the “powertools” of the 1700s.  They sped his work and helped him produce a high quality product.  Without these planes his work would have been nearly impossible!  For more discussion on handplanes visit the Planes tab above.


Michael J Hanley is the proprietor of Autumn Woods Studio and has pursued fine woodworking over the course of 35 years. He has designed and built timberframed homes and interiors, custom furniture and accents.  His work features hardwoods with exotic color and grain patterns, unusually wide boards, quarter sawing and bookmatching for affect. To make this possible, Mike has harvested and dried his own hardwoods, and traded wood from around the world.  Mike has taught classes in his studio, traveled nationally speaking, had his work published in Fine Woodworking magazine, and is the author of  Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolution. Through the course of his work he studies, collects, and uses antique tools on his bench.  In many ways his own life and work have paralleled that of a housewright and joiner of the 1770s, leaving him in a unique position to relate the story he shares in this book.  Use this link to buy the book.