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by MikeH on May 6, 2011

Book cover for Motorcylces Planes and Revolution

This Blog thread is for folks who have read the book Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolution to leave comments or reviews of the book – for others to read.  Please feel free to use the space at the end of the comments to share your own thoughts.

If you have not yet purchased the book, use the tab above to “Buy The Book”.


Hurray – the books are ready to sell!

by MikeH on April 6, 2011

Book cover for Motorcylces Planes and RevolutionThe books have finally arrived, they are beautiful, and they are ready for purchase.  Simply press the tab above appropriately titled “Buy the Book” and you can place your order.  Many thanks to Dennis for helping me bring home two skids of books from the shippers terminal in Milwaukee yesterday – couldn’t have done it without you!

Here is another sneak preview of what you’ll find in my writing.  Please allow me to introduce you to Noah Pratt, a woodworker who built homes, furniture, and tools in Wrentham Mass in the 1770’s.  Previously undocumented, Noah Pratt is the craftsman I’ve blogged about over the course of the last year.  As mentioned previously, Noah Pratt served as a Sargent in a Minuteman Read more….



by MikeH on April 1, 2011

A funny thing happened on my way to the bookstore this week.  While working on marketing my book, I contacted the folks at Deerfield Village – part of the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.  I will be speaking to a group that is holding a national meeting there, and I offered to also provide a presentation or book signing for Greenfield Village.  Well, the answer was “we’re mounting a major exhibit on the Civil War – sorry there’s no time for you”.  OK, I already knew it was the 150’th anniversary, but in the next few days I see our local newspaper and Public Television are also pushing special programming on the Civil War.  Can you believe the luck of the Irish (I am) – bad as usual.  Read more….


Made in America

by MikeH on March 15, 2011

Press check at Sheridan Books

I have just returned from a trip to Sheridan Books in Ann Arbor MI to approve the first proof pages for my book as they came off the press – and they look great!  Anyone who has followed my blog knows the angst I’ve felt for months over the quality of my color photos and graphics.  If this wasn’t enough leading up to press time, I also worried that my small book project might not warrant more than a cursory glance as it blew through a huge commercial print shop like Sheridan’s.  As an aspiring author this was a really huge event, and my wife and daughter traveled with me to share it knowing full well there was an element of risk in the outcome.  Well, the people at Sheridan Books Read more….


Book in print – Sneak Preview!

by MikeH on February 24, 2011

Well, it appears the sun, the moon, and the stars have aligned – and the order for printing my book has been placed.  I feel like that couple in Money Pit, like they won the lottery when the contractors finally showed up to work on their home.   Hope I have better luck!  The printing process takes 3 weeks (I should get to see the first pages come off the press) and the binding takes another 3 weeks.  If you do the math I should have books to sell here on my website April 1st – er, if anyone believes that after all these months?  In the meantime, I will do something entirely new starting with this blogpost that only my loyal readers will benefit from.  Beginning today, I will include a sneak preview in each blogpost telling something about the places, times, and people that will finally come to life when you read my book.

If you are new to my blog you will find a short preview of the book topics at this link – good background reading.  The picture above is  Read more….


Book Proof – Part II

February 11, 2011

At long last I have a copy of my book, delivered middle of this week.  Can you imagine the euphoric feeling of finally holding a book in my hands?  I can tell you there was a lot of excited screaming and jumping around at our house.  You would have thought we’d just won the Super Bowl – […]

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Book proof copy at the printer

February 2, 2011

 Today I ordered the first “Proof” copy of my book.  This will be a real printed book bound with a cover – not just loose leaf pages in a binder that I’ve worked with for months.  As this happens, I am in the final process of negotiating price with two printers – all pretty exciting!  Below you can […]

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A Revolutionary Christmas

December 30, 2010

Winter has come upon us cold and bleak and my Harley is laid up for the season.  Like many of you I have been enjoying the holidays with family and friends, even as I realize this has been a difficult year for us as a nation – politically, economically, and for many of us personally as well.  As a […]

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A Cover for Motorcycles Planes and Revolution

December 11, 2010

There has been really exciting progress the last two weeks I would like to share with you.  The book manuscript is complete, and here you can see a draft of my book cover (click on the picture for a larger view).  Perhaps you recall my excitement as I started the final book layout including pictures and […]

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Many Thanks – Progress on My Book about the American Revolution

November 30, 2010

Once again it has been much too long since I have written.  In my last post I shared with you that I needed to re-do my book manuscript in another software program and re-edit all the pictures to a higher level of quality.  Through the last couple of months this has felt like I’ve been […]

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