"The First Blow for Liberty" print by A.H.Ritchie

My book Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolution shares the story of a common woodworker named Noah Pratt.  Noah lived just outside Boston building homes and furniture – and served as a Minuteman as the American Revolution broke out in 1775 right there in his back yard.  This book tells the story of Noah Pratt, his work and his family, and includes brief passages on the early battles he was a part of.

It seems to me that “We the people…” don’t spend enough time thinking about the American Revolution.  Even I have to admit that prior to learning about Noah Pratt my memory of studying the Revolution back in school was a bit sketchy.  Hollywood and TV have done very little over the years to celebrate the Revolution, and it seems that a larger portion of us relate more to the Civil War if we think about history at all.  Many of us celebrate the Fourth of July with parades, picnics and fireworks – perhaps without giving a thought to the Declaration of Independence – even as many of us celebrate Christmas with decorations, parties and presents not giving much thought to the birth of Christ.

In researching and writing about Noah Pratt, I came to realize what a miracle it was that first year of the Revolution.  Noah and his neighbors were simple farmers and craftsmen with no real experience necessary to stand up to the most powerful army in the world – yet they did.  If we consider winning the Revolution along with writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights – this was a miracle beyond belief!  Today we think of Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the rest of our founding fathers almost as gods – but at the time they were little more than common men cast in a role as inexperienced as Noah Pratt himself.  If I asked you to blast away from earth and go walk on the moon, at least you’d know it’s been done – it is possible.  These men signed up to win a war and create a new form of government that was startlingly different from anything found anywhere in the world.  It quite simply had never been done – and despite our reservations today – they did it in pretty good form!

My book shares the miracle of that first year of the American Revolution.  It tells the story of how freedom was made in America.  While the book is historical, the form of storytelling used is easy to read, and anyone interested in freedom will find something in it to take to heart. Once you have read it, you will understand why I call for a groundswell of renewed interest in the Revolution and the common people that fought for our freedom.  I hope you will consider buying my book!